Latest Airtel NG Opera Mini Handler 2018 Free Browsing Cheat

This is the latest Airtel Opera Mini Handler free browsing cheat that only browse on Opera Handler browser for Android.
Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing Cheat
This is not the first time we are enjoying free browsing on Airtel via Opera Handler browser. I am happy to tell you that Airtel Free Browsing Cheat is back and better this 2018. It wo
rks on both Airtel 3G and 4G sim without data.

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Without wasting much of time let’s kick off to the Latest Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing Cheat 2018 browsing cheat configuration steps.

Requirements For Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing Cheat 2018

1. Airtel SIM without data plan or Airtime (else your data may be used first when connected) 
2. 3G or 4G network 
3. Android smartphone 
4. Opera Mini Handler App.

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing Cheat Settings

First of all, download Opera Mini Handler for Android here.

> Use Airtel Default APN.

> After installing the browser, launch it and set it like this:

  1. Tick Remove Port
  2. Proxy Type: Real Host
  3. Proxy Server:
  4. Tap Save.
Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing Cheat Settings

That's all. You are on your way to free and non-stop browsing.

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