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GTA V Unity v1.6 - GTA 5 Unity Apk 50mb Android Free Download

GTA 5 Unity Apk Android Free Download

GTA 5 Unity Apk Android Free DownloadSo you want to download GTA 5 Unity on Android. Hello everyone! Today in this article I am going to provide the gta 5 android apk or you can say gta 5 unity android apk. If you are reading this post right now then it means that you want to experience the GTA 5 Unity on your Android device which is almost as cool as GTA 5 PC version.

But being in beta, it has not much things to do & small place to explore. Its basically a beta of GTA 5 Unity Android development. But still, we can enjoy playing with these Ultra Graphics in android phone.
If I talk about the GTA 5 Unity then it is one of the best clones of Grand Thief Auto 5 of PC, PSP, and XBOX. You can experience the same adventure of the game on your Android phone easily. This game is the best-proved example that we can find the same realistic and amazing quality of the game GTA 5 for Android. This game is developed by Unity team but the game is still under development. But this pretty much the same gta 5 for android.

GTA 5 Unity v1.7 - GTA V for Android

GTA 5 Unity v1.7

GTA 5 Unity v1.6

GTA V for Android

GTA V apk data
GTA 5 Unity Android APK Latest Version

What’s New in GTA V Unity Apk Andriod:
▪ Fixed Some Bugs & Crashes
• Add NPC
▪ Added Ak-47
▪ Jump animation changed
▪ Added BMW Car
▪ Health regeneration
▪ Michael special ability
▪ Added 5 more languages

A game developer from Iran Mohammad Alizade has developed this GTA V game on UNITY ENGINE for our Android devices.The game is in still development phase. But still, the game is awesome and enjoyable!

Details About GTA 5 Unity Apk Android:

  • The game is made using Unity Engine.
  • For now, we only get one character right now. MICHAEL  is the only one character available in the game.
  • A Pistol & Ak47 is added in the game.
  • The Graphics is really awesome and enjoyable to play and it looks like real GTA V.
  • It has added a Realistic Road like GTA V.
  • The Wasted scene exactly looks like GTA 5.

GTA 5 Unity APK Download Link:

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6 Best WWE PPSSPP Games for Android

best wwe ppsspp android
wwe psp games for android - This is best mod you will ever get in PPSSPP WWE games. This is the best list of WWE PSP Android game with PPSSPP best settings. You need PPSSPP Emulator to play this game.


WWE PPSSPP: For those who are unaware as to what PPSSPP is then let me tell you that PPSSPP is one of the best emulator available for Android which enables us to play PSP games on our Android mobile/ tablets. A PSP Game is turned into .ISO or .CSO files and we are required to put them in the folder /PSP/GAME on the SD Card. If you are here, reading this post, then, undoubtedly, you are a wrestling fan and there is no other great alternative than WWE games to make ourselves a part of the action. Good news is that WWE PPSSPP game is now available which you can enjoy seamlessly and smoothly on your Android mobiles/ tablets.

How to Install WWE PPSSPP Game on Android 

Lets go through the installation process of WWE PPSSPP Game on Android device. All you have to do is to follow the steps we have briefed up below:

- First of all, you need to download the files from the link provided above

- Now, you need two applications to play this game on your Android Mobile/ Tablets.
Z Archiver - Download ZArchiver
PPSSPP – Download PSP Emulator

- Please open the Z Archiver application and navigate to the download location through it and you will find both PPSSPP and ISO file will be available.

- Please extract the PSP.ZIP (PPSSPP) file by selecting the option ‘Extract Here’ for it. It won’t take much time to get extracted. Once the extraction is done, please move the extracted files to the internal memory of your Android device.

- Once done, please navigate back to Z Archiver and select the option of ‘Extract Here’ for the second file which is WWE 2K18 ISO File. Since this file is big in size, it will take a considerable amount of time to get extracted.

- Once extracted, please launch the PPSSPP Application. Through the PPSSPP application please navigate to the location where you have extracted the contents of the ISO File. In that location, you will find the icon of WWE 2K18 coming up. Please click on the icon and the game will get successfully launched on your Android mobile/ tablets.

Conclusion: WWE PPSSPP Apk Game for Android Mobile/ Tablets 
So, folks, these were the steps through which you can enjoy and experience the awesome game of WWE on your Android mobile/ tablets.

If you happen to come across any kind of problem while installing the game, please don’t hesitate to ask us and let us know by dropping the issues, which you might be facing, in the comments section below. We will get back to you with a working solution for all your instructional needs.

Moreover, you are welcome to ask any additional queries or questions. Please drop the same in the comments section below.
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